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Real Estate Market Going Up? Going Down? Stabilizing?

Real estate in our area of Southwest Florida (including Englewood, Cape Haze, Placida, Venice, Sarasota, North Port, etc.) and throughout the United States is a “hot topic” these days. Are values going up, going down or, finally, stabilizing?

If you look at the United States, as a whole, we’ve received some uplifting news through the updates from Certified Residential Specialist survey – check it out at http://www.macromarkets.com/recent_news/press_releases/2011/20110622_housing-survey.pdf.

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“Staging” Your Home for More Dollars in Your Pocket – 6/17/11

When you place your home on the market, you must remember that you are changing it from your “home” to a “product on the market”.  It’s just like a tube of toothpaste – why should a consumer buy your “product” instead of someone else’s.

 What is your shelf space? (How much exposure is your Realtor providing your property on the internet? Is there a virtual tour? How many photos?)

 Also, what does your “packaging” look like? Stand outside, in the road (watch out for cars), and look at your home – through a “Buyer’s” eyes. Does the roof look newer, clean? How about the gutters? The landscaping?

 Step inside the front door – is it cluttered or does it look open, inviting, smelling fresh and clean? (Be honest with yourself!)

 Stroll through the property, looking at each room – does it look roomy, sparkling clean and open, or stuffed with too much furniture, collectibles, family photos? How about your closet? When you open it do you see lots of space for clothes and storage – or does it already look full (telling the Buyer that YOUR stuff can’t fit in the closet, so their clothes won’t either)!

Have you selected wall coverings and colors that are unique to you? That’s great while YOU are living in it, however, when it becomes a “product” on the market – you want to appeal to the most amount of buyers. Create a more neutral, fresh palate. Remember, most people can only visual ONLY what they SEE! If they feel they need to change it, they anticipate a cost MUCH GREATER and will tend to deduct that amount from their offer on YOUR property!

Check out this link:


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Real Estate Investors and Sales

Southwest Florida, including Sarasota and Charlotte counties, are seeing more real estate activity — especially for investors. “Investors” of real estate are more likely to hold the purchased property for five or more years, as opposed to “Flippers”. “Flippers” of real estate tend to purchase, rehab with minor or major repairs and place on the market to sell quickly. Their goal is to make a profit and “get out”! A “Flippers” profit margin might be smaller than an “Investor”, however, they can do it over, and over, and over!

Prices of two bedroom and three bedroom homes are amazingly affordable. Not only investors and flippers picking them up! Second/vacation home buyers are snapping up the good values, as well as Baby Boomers looking to retire in 2 – 8 years. They share that they know it’s a better value now than when they are planning to retire – so they’re grabbing them now!

Check out this link to results of an interesting survey, just completed in May, with updates on the uptick of real estate investment, including Florida: 


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Update on the Real Estate Market

Update on the Real Estate Market –
Based on a current update from Lawrence Yun, NAR Economist, we are currently trending, nationwide, at 40% of the current pending home sales being distressed sales (short sales or foreclosed properties). This is showing that current Buyers (many of whom are purchasing with cash, including investors jumping back into the real estate market) are shopping price first! For now, gone are the days that it is “location, location, location”. It is “price, price, price” first, for homebuyers today!

The residual impact targets us, again nationwide, to trend the real estate sales at 30% distressed properties for the remainder of 2011.

However, with the weakened U.S. Dollar, real estate is at an even better buying price range for non-U.S. residents. Particularly in Southwest Florida, we’ve seen many of our Canadian neighbors taking advantage of purchasing a second/vacation home with their Canadian dollar.

Jean Pressley Whittaker
Source: National Association of Realtors

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